Lakaz Chamarel Exclusive Lodge

« Enjoy the sweetness of life the Mauritian way... »

In the south west of the island, at 400m in altitude, Chamarel is surrounded by the natural park of the Black River gorges, a protected natural heritage site. In this region, the World Wild Life Society has managed to save a number of species from extinction like the kestrel, the pink pigeon, and the green parrot.

Lakaz is situated 55mn from the airport, 1h from the capital Port-Louis, 10 to 15mn from the most beautiful beaches on the island like the Morne and Baie du Cap! 10 to 15 mn from the small coastal villages of Black River and La Gaulette where you will find supermarkets and shopping centers.

Lakaz Chamarel Exclusive Lodge is a small ‘boutique hotel’, managed ‘like a Guesthouse’ but with the full service of a 5* hotel! Unique and refined in the heart of a splendid tropical garden of twelve hectares, surrounded by the mountains of Chamarel, Lakaz Chamarel is a pearl among the top hotels of the destination which guarantees exclusivity and serenity to ‘nature and green tourism lovers’ in a warm and harmonious decor, and with a refined local cuisine.

At the origin of every thing the traveller meets is written a story:

Here is the story of a dream, which originated from our life plan.

We were looking for a place where we could, one day, settle; a place where peace and serenity, calm and beauty, authenticity and harmony would prevail in simplicity and comfort;

We wanted to create a space for life, for happiness, a space where time seems to stand still, where we take time to listen to the silence…

A place of well-being which allows our interior self to open up and which invites us to reconnect with the essential.

We found this land enclaved in a small valley and abandoned for more than 50 years!

« No one had since dared to cultivate this distressed land…» - Bernardin de Saint Pierre in Paul and Virginie

When we arrived on the site there were only weeds, creepers, ‘Ravenales’ and ‘piquants loulou’!

And it is underneath all this invading vegetation that our dream began…

In 1997, with the help of our daughters, started the creation of this place where you are.

Together, we dug the first ditches, we put into ground the first plants, the fruit trees under which you can stand today and feel the sweetness of their shade and listen to the wind singing through their leaves.


« Discover, escape in the picturesque valley of Chamarel and its surroundings... »

Marcel Cabon told us « the one who is contented to follow only the main road, risks seeing nothing. It is when we stray among the huts and cowsheds that we can meet the daily, never-ending miracle of mankind… »

Lakaz is adjoining to the small village of Chamarel and is surrounded by the natural paths of Black River Gorges. It is in this region and in those places where environment is protected that the « World Wild Life Society » succeeded in preserving endangered species: The Kestrel, the Pink Pigeon, and the Green Cato.

Chamarel, famous for its coloured earth, is a small friendly village where you can walk and stroll around. The village was named after the concession, which the India Company gave to Antoine Régis de Chazal of Chamarel (around 1786), squire of the king.

If you are in Chamarel end of July/ early August, do not miss the oldest village fair of the island (Fancy Fair in the local language) whose origin dates back to 1920/30. This ‘Fancy Fair’ is organised in the context of the pilgrimage of the Sainte Anne church. Every year, several hundreds of people coming from every corner of Mauritius, usually as a family, congregate in a popular joyous mood, to Saint Anne church in the centre of the village for this famous fair which established its reputation throughout the years particularly because of the excellent standing of its « cantine ».

With its ‘cari no.2’ (monkey curry), its wild boar curry, its deer curry or its ‘cari ti vitesse’ (Tang curry). All of this served with a good ‘farata’ (‘ène bon farata’) !


« Enjoy the sweetness of life the Mauritian way... »

Heiress of a past where conquests, migrations and diplomacy clashed, the Island of Mauritius is more than a journey: it is an encounter.

More than its golden beaches and its turquoise lagoon, more than its green valleys, Mauritius Island is above all a rainbow population with its natural hospitality and its legendary welcome.

Mauritius is a volcanic Island consisting of three mountain ranges with a central plateau situated at about 350/400 meters in altitude.

Here, you are in the southwest part of the Island, at 350 meters in altitude in the heart of Mauritian green tourism!

The highest point of the Island situated in the Black river mountain range is just in front of you: ‘The Black river Peak’ is 828 meters high.

The Island and its population: 1.2 1.3 millions inhabitants, including Rodrigues Island! The surface is 1 865 Km2.

When you walk around, you will meet people who speak mainly Creole then French and /or English. Several oriental languages are also spoken, among which Bhojpuri (a mixture of Creole and Hindi), Hindi, Ourdou, Tamil, Mandarin and Hakka (a Chinese dialect).

Mauritius is a multicultural melting pot where every Mauritian lives with his religious and ethnic heritage since we are all from different countries. It is thanks to these shared differences that we create and build every day our Mauritian culture…!

We are an independent Island since 1968 and a Republic since the 12th of March 1992. Our currency is the Mauritian rupee.

We have a tropical climate tempered by southeast trade winds, the summer season is from November to April and the winter season from May to October. Temperature varies between 35° in summer and 20° in winter.