Imagine /

a magical place in the midst of nature...

Lakaz Chamarel Exclusive Lodge, the only address of Mauritian ecotourism which combines refinement and green tourism! A totally innovative concept in Mauritius…

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Discover /

the picturesque valley of Chamarel...

Marcel Cabon told us « the one who is contented to follow only the main road, risks seeing nothing. It is when we stray among the huts and cowsheds that we can meet the daily, never-ending miracle of mankind… »

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Feel /

the smooth rhythm of Mauritian life in thi haven of peace... 

Heiress of a past where conquests, migrations and diplomacy clashed, the Island of Mauritius is more than a journey: it is an encounter.

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Experience /

the exclusivity of our bedrooms or suites with their private pool and their open-air bathroom...

At Lakaz, we want to share with you some of our Mauritian way of life. Consequently, like us, some people like to help themselves while others prefer to be served; we offer you these two possibilities.

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Taste /

local flavors of a refined Mauritian cuisine...

Taste… Taste, smell, allow your senses to come alive again and your taste buds to enjoy themselves! Our chef will invite you to discover our cooking based on Mauritian products, on tropical fruits and local vegetables prepared ‘couma la kuisine d’antan !’

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Choose /

according to your mood, between the calm in your pool, spa or the discovery of an enchanting nature...

Lakaz, the perfect place, which one would like to keep secret, to relish the joy of silence, the quiet contemplation of lush Nature… or simply enjoy a long moment of relaxation, mixed with a session of sauna, massage or reflexology.

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